Back in April, I hosted some images from my trips to Woodstock in the 90s as I researched Lee Marvin: Point Blank.  It proved to be the tip of the iceberg, with more images still to come. In the  original post, titled Lee Marvin’s Woodstock – Part I (ingenious, no?) I showed pix of Woodstock’s Village Green, Lee’s parents final resting place,  and the exterior of the Marvin home in Bearsville, situated right outside of Woodstock.
This time around, take a trip inside the house that would be the closest thing Lee Marvin ever had to a childhood home. After Lee’s brother, Robert, and sister-in-law, Joan, passed away the centuries old house was sold and the family items auctioned off. I’ve also been told recently that the house was ransacked, which is very unfortunate. When I visited it back in 94, it looked lived in and cozy.  Pictured below is the living room just inside the double doors off the porch seen in the background.


Living room of the Marvin Home

It was the main area of activity when Lee and his brother were younger, and when Lee would came to visit after his stardom, as seen below on this Xmas Eve visit in the early 70s….


Marvin living room when Lee came to visit Robert in the 70s.

The archway leading out of the living room lead to the front door, as seen below from the top of the stairs. Readers of Lee Marvin Point Blank may remember it as the sight of one Lee, Robert, and Monte’s many post war brawls (p. 56, hardcover; 53, papebpack)….



Looking in from the front door, there’s a narrow hallway leading to a back window and a side bathroom…



Up the staircase were of course the bedroom Lee and Robert shared shown at the far left and the center room used by Monte as an office and later Robert. Not shown further to the left is the master bedroom….


A close-up of the office used by both Monte and Robert is filled with treasures. It was here that Robert and I spent hours recording our conversation that would make up a good part of Lee Marvin: Point Blank. The lamp on the desk, by the way, is made from a pump Robert ‘liberated’ from the Queen Mary on his trip back to the states after the war. Also visible is a framed picture from the Civil War of a Marvin. It isn’t an ancestor, but a still of Lee from Raintree County….


Lastly, the bedroom and the bed Lee slept in after the war. I slept in it my first night with the Marvins, but only the first night. A summer storm kept me up all night and the creepy factor alone was pretty intense. Not able to sleep, I wandered the house and eventually discovered a hidden cache of Marvin rarities. When I showed it to Robert and Joan the next morning, I told them I didn’t think Lee wanted me sleeping in his bed. Joan responded, “Maybe he wanted you to be be awake to find what you found.” Maybe, indeed….

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