McQueen, Steve McQueen.
Everybody knows who these two guys are, shown here meeting socially at the 1967 wrap party for Point Blank. They weren’t great friends but had several mutual friends, due to their motorcycle enthusiasm. Such friends as Keenan Wynn and Bud Ekins, as mentioned in Lee Marvin Point Blank. Matter of fact, according to McQueen’s good friend Bud Ekins (who did the actually motorcycle jump on screen in The Great Escape for McQueen), he jokingly told me, “Keenan Wynn knew everybody. He knew you before he even met you.”

By the way, also present at the soiree were the film’s director, John Boorman, frequent Marvin costar Keenan Wynn, Burt Reynolds (directed by Boorman a few years later in Deliverance), Charles Bronson, Warren Oates….Talk about testosterone overload! No wonder the cops were called. Clearly, they wanted to join in on the fun.
Anybody want to come up with a fun or interesting caption for either picture?

Lee Marvin & Steve McQueenMcQueen & Marvin

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2 thoughts on “LEE MARVIN & STEVE McQUEEN

  1. Steve: “I want to be a legendary Hollywood tough guy like you, Lee. Got any advice for me?”
    Lee: “Mitchum says you don’t bring much brains to the party, boy. That’s a good start.”

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