Lee Marvin & Jeanne Moreau lit up the screen in Monte Walsh (1970) and they also did the same during a dual interview on “The Dick Cavett Show” from October 15, 1970 to promote the film. However, you would never know it since Cavett never brings it up! 
  What you do get in the clip is the wonderfully flippant attitude from Marvin which is why he was so much fun to watch on talk shows of the era. More impressive is the sparks that fly between Lee Marvin & Jeanne Moreau. Just watch the way she looks at him when he speaks. 

Screen grab of Lee Marvin & Jeanne Moreau on THE DICK CAVETT SHOW as Moreau clearly shows her admiration for Marvin.

Personally, I never really cared much for Cavett as an interviewer, as he loves to drop names to whomever he interviews, as he does here in mentioning his friendship with Orson Welles (usually it’s Groucho or Woody Allen). He doesn’t always get some of Marvin’s comments, either, nor does he avoid asking such sexist questions of Moreau: “What do you look for in a man?” “How come you weren’t considered beautiful?” Geez, Cavett! Would you ask that of Marvin?
  Okay, gripes aside, it is tantalizing watching the two actors together. Several of my sources who worked with them on Monte Walsh, such as actor Mitch Ryan, told me about Marvin & Moreau’s relationship for my bio Lee Marvin Point Blank. It was quite fascinating, considering they almost married after the film was completed. In fact, his publicist was surprised that they DIDN’T get married! Find out all about that in my book: wink, wink.
  I had blogged a little about it previously but it’s more fun to watch them together here, as well as in the film itself.
And so, I give you Lee & Jeanne. Enjoy!
– Dwayne Epstein

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