Lee Marvin, His Father, Monte, and a Lifelong Conflict

In researching Lee Marvin Point Blank, one of the most poignant aspects became Lee’s conflict and relationship with his father, Monte, from childhood to adulthood. As a child, Lee desperately sough his father’s love and respect but instead, often ran afoul of his father’s discpline and rigid authority, as explained exclusively by his older brother, Robert. One such event, in which Lee was allowed to be beaten by other kids in the neighborhood at his father’s urging took place around the time of the photo below, with young Lee on the far left….


snow kidsIn spite of such events, and some even worse, Lee maintained an undying love and respect for his father throughout his life. He said differently to his Prime Cut costars at the time of Monte’s death (Point Blank) but the photo below, tells a different story….
dad woodstock

Perhaps the most harrowing story concerning their relationship, was related to me after the book came out by actor Bruce Davison. Had I heard or knew of that story in time, it defintely would have gone into the book, not for exploitative purposes but as a way to fully understand the dynamics of Lee and Monte Marvin’s complex relationship.

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