According to costars Dwayne Hickman and Michael Callan (both of whom are interviewed and quoted extensively in Lee Marvin Point Blank), during the time that Lee Marvin & Jane Fonda worked together on Cat Ballou, they did not get along or care for each other very much. Jane Fonda thought the actor a boor who did not take acting seriously and Marvin thought her the spoiled Hollywood daughter of Henry.

Time has a way of changing one’s perspective as Jane Fonda wrote in her memoir:
“Cat Ballou was a relatively low-budget undertaking. It seemed we’d never do two takes unless the camera broke down. The producers had us working overtime day after day, until one morning Lee Marvin took me aside. “Jane,” he said, “we’re the stars of this movie. If we let the producers walk all over us, if we don’t stand up for ourselves, you know who suffers most? The crew. The guys who don’t have the power we do to say, ‘Shit, no, we’re workin’ too hard.’ You have to get some backbone, girl. Learn to say no when they ask you to keep working.” I will always remember Lee for that important lesson.” [My Life So Far. NY: Random House, 2006. page 161]
Below is a scanned picture from a 1965 Life magazine article profiling Marvin at the time of Cat Ballou’s release in which, despite the polite demeanor, the differences between the two actors could not be more obvious….

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