International Appeal of Lee Marvin

As shown in the pages of Lee Marvin Point Blank, it didn’t matter if it was Europe, South America or Asia, Lee Marvin’s appeal knew no bounds and the international media took full advantage of it. As a matter of fact, after Lee and Betty Marvin divorced, she had had her full of seeing ex-husband’s image everywhere and decided to move to Europe. Stepping off the plane in Europe she was greeted by massive ads and banners advertising a new musuem photo exhibit highlighting a certain popular American movie star. Wanna guess who it was?

Whenever a new film of Marvin’s was set to open, pop culture magazines of the day ran such articles as the following pages below from Japan….


Lee Marvin in Japan




Lee Marvin in Japan 2


Lee Marvin in Japan 3

Despite the fact that French actress Jeanne Moreau was his co-star, Marvin’s appeal was so great overseas that when Monte Walsh went into general release, the first page of an Italian magazine’s 3-page article about the film was this simple image…


Lee Marvin in Italy


At the time of his death, in 1987, A French magazine ran the following article. By the way, anybody speak French?


Lee Marvin in France 1



Lee Marvin in France 2


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