Happy holidaze from Lee Marvin Point Blank. Why happy holidaze instead of happy holidays? A couple of reasons. First, it’s been an insane year for all of us, from mass shootings becoming commonplace with no end in sight, to the impeachment of Donald Trump and the ongoing saber-rattling of Korea’s Kim Jong-un! Climate change has appeared to be gaining momentum (Australia’s catastrophic fires, anyone?) and the most powerful nation in the world has leaders who don’t even think it exists.
I could go on, of course but what would be the point? I’m not an innate pessimist, nor for that matter am I Pollyanna. Let’s just say I’m a cock-eyed pragmatist and with that mind, I say happy holidaze and enjoy it with a satisfying look back at what was and a heartwarming hope for what will be. As to the look back, try this…..

My publisher’s Xmas tree a few years back. Not familiar with all the titles but the one down front looks nice, don’t ya think?

To the future? My idea would be the same. In other words, check out Lee Marvin: Point Blank in 2020 if you haven’t done so already.
Planning on doing any traveling this holiday or new year? Might I suggest the most perfect travel companion?

TSA would let you pass through with this unbeatable combination for any national or international flights.

So, whether you celebrate Christmas, Channukah, Kwanzaa, or even Festivus, do it in style. Send the gift of a nearly 5-star rated, multiple award winning, NY Times bestselling film biography to a loved one or for yourself as a special treat. You won’t be disappointed. Until then, I’ll share more next year, and don’t forget, the most important message of all is of course the most obvious and hardest to achieve. …..

‘Nuff said. 

  • Dwayne Epstein
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