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Gregory Walcott, veteran character and member of the Clint Eastwood stock company, recently celebrated his 87th birthday on January 13th. So, for this auspicious occassion, I have taken the liberty of posting my interview with him from Filmfax Magazine. He agreed to the interview as part of my research for Lee Marvin: Point Blank, having worked with the actor in Prime Cut (1972). His colorful anecdotes about working with Marvin all went into the book but I found his career so fascinating, I asked if he would be willing to expand on it for a full magazine article. He readily agreed and, from 1998, I give you the results. Happy birthday Greg, I wish you at least 87 more. Enjoy one and all!

Cover of Filmfax

Cover of Filmfax featuring my Gregory Walcott inteview.

greg1 greg2 greg3 greg4

As a postscript to the above article, I can proudly say that Walcott was so enamored with what I wrote, he contacted the magazine and penned the following letter of praise. It was published in the next issue, and what can I say? Talk about a mensch! What a guy!!

greg ltr