More than anything else, I just love the sepia like tone of this image from the UPI Wire Service to help promote The Great Scout & Cathouse Thursday.
In doing research for Lee Marvin Point Blank I came across all kinds of oddities and here’s a personal favorite discovered in the archives of a local newspaper.

From the UPI Wire, July 4th 1976.

Since it’s kind of small and a bit blurry, here’s what it says: “SUGGESTED FOR USE WITH SCOTT’S WORLD FOR WEEKEND 7/3-4 ON LEE MARVIN
HOLLYWOOD:  Lee Marvin mournfully admits he is one of the few really rotten-to-the-core actors left in the civilized world! The ex-combat marine whose hooded eyes, shambling gait and torn-pocket mouth bode instant trouble, has made 50 movies and in almost all of them he is terminally disreputable.”
I also find it interesting that the idea was to run this little tidbit syndicated on the 4th of July…of the Bicentennial year of 1976! I really don’t know if it actually did run anywhere or not, but if it did, it begs the obvious question: Is this the best thing that newspaper syndicates can come up with for trivia or factual information on the 200th anniversary of the country’s birth????? My guess is that it probably did run somewhere, which is kind of sad, in a way. Even a “Weekend Supplement” as suggested, can do better than that. Although, in fairness, Great Scout did take place during the presidential election of 1908 in which Taft defeated Bryan. Since that would make it….132 years from 1776. Okay, it’s a stretch but what the hell, it was worth a try. Besides, it is a cool picture, don’t you think?
– Dwayne Epstein

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