Google Alert is a a system I signed up for a while ago to alert me to anything that is posted on the web about myself or Lee Marvin. Naturally, if it’s a Lee Marvin Google Alert you’ll more than likely find it posted here. If it’s something that might concern me, then it’s infinitely less likely to be seen here. The whole purpose of this website/blog is to encourage folks to read Lee Marvin Point Blank but more importantly, watch, rediscover and appreciate the films and TV work of Lee Marvin. 
   In that respect, this website has been pretty successful. As a matter of fact, about two years ago my publisher wanted to discontinue it, believing the time had passed for its promotional usefulness. We discussed it and I agreed to pay to take it over. Glad I did. Nine years down the road and it’s still going strong. 
   Okay, enough background. The Google Alert I received recently goes completely against everything I just wrote. Why? Because its content consisted of this headline: “Adam Sandler Once Sent Military Copies of ‘Anger Management’ With Extra Footage”

ADAM SANDLER, published in 2004 by Lucent Books for their People in the News Series (PITN).

Now normally, I wouldn’t give such a headline a second look but when I clicked on it as a reference to me, I metaphorically rubbed my eyes in shock as the damn thing was a click bait article derived from my book! I wrote the damn thing so long ago I didn’t even remember if I wrote what they culled from my quote. I double checked my copy and son-of-a…..I did! Granted, most click bait articles, are..well, click bait, something you wait to load while the ads take up most of the bandwidth. No biggie. But c’mon, I wrote about Sandler back in 2004! By the way, the choice was either Sandler, George Bush or Eminem. Kind of explains Sandler as a subject, doesn’t?
  Anyone interested in reading the content can do so here. Not bad, certainly not great either. As for me, I’ll be writing about The making of the The Dirty Dozen in Killin’ Generals. Have a great summer, everybody!

  • Dwayne Epstein.
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