When a high-profile magazine, such as Esquire, wants to sell copies of their latest issue back in 1970, they put the biggest star in the world on its cover (Lee Marvin Point Blank, p. 175). It would be natural to assume that would mean this same big star would be profiled within its covers. The magazine, which at the time measured a whopping 10×13, had a caption that would lead the reader to believe it as well. “Evil lurks in California. Lee Marvin is afraid. See page 99,” Okay, turn to page 99 and what’s to be found?  On page 99  you find the beginning o  a multi-layered article on why evil does indeed lurk in California. At that moment in time it meant the Manson family, the murder of Robert F. Kennedy and a slew of other well-known atrocites. Keep in mind, this is the same magazine that thought it would be cute to have a cover photo of Lt. John Calley smiling as he’s shown surrounded by a group of Vietnamese children and villagers.

In any event, Marvin may indeed have been afraid, but you’d never know it from Esquire…or from the cover photo!

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