John Frankenheimer graciously granted me an interview for my bio on Lee back in the 90s as he had directed Marvin in The Iceman Cometh in the 70s but also on televsion in the 50s and 60s. Practically all of what he said to me was used in the text of Lee Marvin Point Blank,  except for the following unused, but worthwhile quote:

John Frankenheimer: He really was one of the most talented guys I have ever known. There’s nobody that worked with props better. There’s nobody that wore a hat better. You look at The Professionals. There’s nobody that knew his stuff better than Lee… Lee Marvin hated, above anything else, bullshit, of any kind. Anybody he thought was trying to bullshit him, he would absolutely decimate those people. And he could do it. In the first place, he had a tremendous presence. And he had a tremendous command of the English language. And he was funny. He could just absolutely reduce anybody right down to three inches tall, if he wished to do it. He’d go right along with it. He’d say, ‘Oh, is that right? You really feel that way? Tell me about that?’ Then he’d say, ‘You asshole!’ only better than that. So Lee and I, right from the beginning, understood each other very well…. I think Lee belonged right up there with any other actor you could name.”
And there you have it, director John Frankeheimer praising the late, great Lee Marvin. Of course, for more exclusive quotes on what Frankenheimer thought of Marvin check out Lee Marvin Point Blank as it is ALL in there. Wasn’t easy either as I’ve written about previously. Such as who Frankenheimer had to choose from to play the role in The Iceman Cometh but ultimately chose Marvin. You’d be surprised. Go ahead and read it and find out for your self. Until then, all the best.
– Dwayne Epstein

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