Bright Light Film Journal review of LEE MARVIN POINT BLANK by Dwayne Epstein reviewed by Eric Kuersten. I like most of what Kuersten had to say in Bright Light FIlm Journal, such as:

“And the book does what good movie star biographies should — inspires a new appreciation and desire to hunt down the star’s old films. ”

As well as, “Dwayne Epstein’s book has woven the facts and legends together with such consummate skill that we come away feeling like we know all Marvin’s human faults, his goodness, his drunkenness, his PTSD, and rather than lessening our appreciation of the myth, the icon, it just makes him feel all the more mythic.”

Such comments makes me forgive him for what I don’t agree with..or for misspelling Michele Triola and Tony Epper. The guy clearly ‘got it’ but don’t just take my word for it. Click the link below and find out for yourself. Better yet, pick up a copy of Lee Marvin Point Blank and judge for yourself.
Lee Marvin: Point Blank by Dwayne Epstein (cover)
Bright Lights Film Journal :: Books: Lee Marvin: Point Blank, by Dwayne Epstein

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MOVIE CRAZY: Leonard Maltin Reviews “Lee Marvin: Point Blank”



Movie Crazy


Late last month, Leonard Maltin gave my new book “Lee Marvin: Point Blank” a stellar review. The renowned film author of countless books himself (of which I own more than a few) has a well-earned reputation for knowing his cinematic history and is consequently, a well sought after maven by fledgling authors of film history, such as myself.
It was not an easy thing to convince him to read and write-up a piece on my book as he has a mutltiude of such requests on a regular basis. After much cajoling from my distributor’s publicist and a wee bit of luck, he managed to squeeze Lee Marvin Point Blank into his overflowing schedule. I will give you a sample below, but by all means, please go to his site to see the full review. He has a wonderful blog called “Movie Crazy.”

“I doubt anyone will ever match its (Lee Marvin: Point Blank) breadth and depth in assessing Lee Marvin’s life and career.”Leonard Maltin


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LEE MARVIN POINT BLANK : New Reviews Feb. 13 – 16

Lee Marvin Point Blank

Hello one and all,

I’ve been honored (and more than a little surprised!) to get some great reviews during the past week for my new biography, “Lee Marvin: Point Blank.”  Have you had the chance to read the book yet?  If you have any comments or questions, fire away below.  D.E.


February 16th – Vanity Fair Magazine, James Wolcot “Wash His Face, He’s Fine.” 

“In Lee Marvin: Point Blank, written by Dwayne Epstein, the action star who terrorized the West with a bullwhip in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, taught a squad of murderers and borderline psychos how to love again in The Dirty Dozen, and let Angie Dickinson use him as a punching bag for her furious little fists in the movie that gives this bio its subtitle weaves through the pages like the big rangy scary cat he was.”

February 13th – Edge Boston, Phil Hail, “Lee Marvin: Point Bank”

“Epstein … provides a mature and unbiased consideration of a difficult yet memorable subject.”

February 13th – Star-Telegam, Celeste Williams, “New books on murder, mayhem and a tough guy”

“The author, a freelance journalist with several biographies to his credit, has parlayed his admiration of Lee Marvin into a comprehensive look at film’s quintessential tough guy.”


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