Bobby Darin! Two of my favorite words in pop culture. Seriously. Been a fan of his for so long, he was actually still alive when I was buying his records. Regular readers of this blog will know that even though I write mostly on Lee Marvin, based on my book Lee Marvin: Point Blank, every now and then I take a side track.  Often based on my previous writings or personal favorites, this is one of those times.
How did I get lucky enough to write about a long-forgotten favorite? Well, I had been freelancing for Filmfax Magazine for some time and figured it to be the perfect vehicle for my appreciation of all things Darin. At the time, Kevin Spacey’s Bobby Darin movie was about to come out (more on that next time!) so I thought I’d strike when the iron was hot. But what new angle could I take on writing about Bobby D. that hadn’t been done a zillion times before? It dawned on me that since not as much attention had been paid to his acting career, I’d try that approach. The conversation with the editor — who by the way rarely allowed articles written on spec — went something like this:
Me: I’d like to pitch to you the possibilty of doing an article on Bobby Darin’s acting career.
Editor: Hmm, sounds good. Yeah, go ahead and do it.
Me: Y’know, with the popularity of all things ‘Rat Pack’ and what have you, Bobby Darin is a perfect subject for re-evaluation in a retro pop culture magazine like Filmfax.
Editor: I said go ahead and do it.
Me: I don’t think anybody’s dealt with his underrated acting career, before….
Editor: You can certainly keep talking if you like, but you got the gig. Of course, it’s taking time away from your writing of it…..
And so, without further ado, from 2005, Part 1 of my 2-part article on the acting career of Bobby Darin as it first appeared in Filmfax Magazine: The Magazine of Unusual Film, Television, & Retro Pop Culture. Enjoy.



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  1. Bobby was at least as good as the material he was given. I’m sure he didn’t get too involved in his beach movie roles but in his dramatic roles he was very good and I always compared him to Steve McQueen. He came across as the guy next door but don’t get him mad or challenge him or you’d find a different person to deal with. I for one think Darin excelled in anything he put his mind to.

  2. I am a huge Darin fan . Loved the article . Wished I could have read the rest .
    I have some trivia .
    First , you know I came to NYC to be an actor and got sidetract a few years in the recording business .
    My friend Ersel Hickey knew Bobby and told me a story . Bobby was working on Splish Splash before he recorded it . He was singing it for his friends at a coffee shop and they threw him out .
    Pressure Point was originally a 90 minute live TV show . Robert Duvall played the role .
    I had a small role in the TV movie Execution of Private Slovic . I wore an Army uniform with Darin’s name in the collar . It was his costume in Captain Newman M.D..
    I loved his TV variety show .
    I was confused by him at the end ,with his Bob Dylan look .

    • Wow,Ron, great stuff! Especially love the fact that you wore Darin’s uniform for your role in The Execution of Private Slovik. VERY cool!
      I have some trivia for you: Did you know that Steve McQueen was slated to play the lead in Slovik with Frank Sinatra producing and maybe directing? It was called off because Sinatra couldn’t take the heat from hiring blacklisted writer Albert Maltz. That would have to waith until Dalton Trumbo did Spartacus.
      Oh, and fear not. I’ll be posting Part II of the article soon.

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