My publisher Tim Schaffner, of Schaffner Press, recently reminded of the fact that this week marks the two year anniversary of the publication of our book, Lee Marvin: Point Blank, and what an amazing two years it’s been! Just a cursory glance at that month in 2013 from my calendar below still makes my head spin……

The next six months were even more amazing as the book tour kicked into high gear. Keep in mind, book tours are no longer considered economically feasable by most publishing houses and if they’re done at all, the author often has to foot the bill. Luckily, Schaffner Press is NOT most publishing houses. Tim believes in having his authors go out there, press the flesh and make their presence (and their work) be known. I was able to see and go places I had never been before and consequently meet some amazing people in the process, all of whom were either Lee Marvin fans or  happily discovering his work for the first time.

All that said and done, the best part of all is the fact that two years down the road, it is still selling, almost as if it just came out. Don’t take my word for it, check out these numbers from Amazon. First the paperback and hardcover from earlier this week…..

Paperback ranking and then hardcover ranking, both from Amazon.

Paperback ranking and then hardcover ranking, both from Amazon.

Best of all? In June of last year an amazing publicist at the book’s distibutor, IPG, convinced Amazon to include Lee Marvin: Point Blank as part of their discount promotion. The result was a spot on the NY Times and Wall Street Journal best seller lists, and a continued sales boost that exists to this day!

Kindle sales rank on Amazon as of Jan. 22nd, 2015

Kindle sales rank on Amazon as of Jan. 22nd, 2015

I could not be happier with the results that have made Lee Marvin: Point Blank an ‘evergreen’ title, and hopefully will continue to be for some time to come. More succinctly, for those who have read it and enjoyed it, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOU SUPPORT & CONTINUE TO TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY. They won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Wow….hard to believe it’s been that long…seems like only yesterday I was waiting for my pre-ordered copy to be shipped from Amazon.

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