(L-R) Tom Snyder, Lee Marvin & Don Rickles.

Don Rickles, the legendary insult comedian often appeared on the old Tom Snyder show  and was hysterical as usual. Snyder himself was an old style guy who laughed at himself, chain-smoked cigarettes and too often cut his guests off with rambling tales about himself. That aside, he was smart enough to know that when Rickles was the guest and he was on a roll, it’s best to back off and let the man go. Snyder’s show had two incarnations: “Tomorrow” on NBC (1973-1981) which ran after Johnny Carson and “The Late, Late Show” (1995-1999) which ran on CBS after “Late Night with David Letterman.” This clip is from Snyder’s CBS run, based on the color of his hair.

Recently, a friend on Facebook discovered this clip of Don Rickles on such a roll. Below is the video of Rickles doing just that and his subject is none other than Lee Marvin, himself. Rickles style was like no other and it is undeniably politically incorrect than these more “enlightened” times. He is of course an acquired taste so if his style offends, you’re missing out. Keep in mind, his style is often one of comedic exaggeration which he does brilliantly here. However, based on the subject, it’s doubtful that he’s actually exaggerating anything. Further proof can be found in the pages of Lee Marvin Point Blank in which others have told me equally hilarious stories of Lee Marvin’s outrageous behavior, drunk or sober. Jack Palance and Beverly Garland told me two of my favorites that won’t be retold here but must be read to be savored.
Okay, all that said, without further ado, I give you Don Rickles with Tom Snyder on the subject of a chance meeting with Lee Marvin at the famous New York eatery and bar, Danny’s Hideaway. Enjoy….
– Dwayne Epstein

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