Like most authors, I check my sales numbers on Amazon on a daily basis and the kindle sales of Lee Marvin Point Blank has remained remarkably steady.  It’s interesting in that even though the kindle has been available for quite some time, Amazon has chosen to keep the price discounted almost fifty percent as shown below…. 

Recent snapshot of Amazon’s pricing of LEE MARVIN: POINT BLANK kindle format.

It’s interesting, as I certainly did not expect that to be the case. When the e-book format was originally launched, my publisher, Tim Schaffner, had a contract with me to receive a better cut of the royalties than the hardcover or paperback version. That still remains intact and at the time, he had also retained the auspices of a p.r. firm to help publicize the book. 
 That helped of course but the distribution company, Independent Publishing Group (IPG) he had utilized had a young go-getter named Lauren Klouda who was also promoting the book at the time the e-book came out. Her persistence and due dilligence had some remarkable results. She has also since been promoted within IPG for her outstanding work.
 In fact, Tim later told me that when he went to the conference at IPG other small publishers approached him and said they wished they had been the ones to publish Lee Marvin Point Blank. I’m not sure, but I think it was the same conference in which my book was used as an example by IPG on how to successfully market a title….

Powerpoint presentation by IPG using LEE MARVIN POINT BLANK as an example of successful marketing.

The most amazing part, as far as I’m concerned is that kindle sales are still steady six years later! I don’t know this for a fact but I’m pretty sure it remains the best selling title Schaffner Press ever produced. As Tim called it, it’s an evergreen title not hampered by current events or changing taste of popular culture. 
So, all that said, feel free to check out the still reduced price of Amazon’s kindle of Lee Marvin Point Blank. As Lee himself would say, “Semper Fi!”
– Dwayne Epstein


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Take it from dads Monte Marvin (left) and Lee Marvin and give dad a Fathers Day gift he’ll really enjoy: LEE MARVIN POINT BLANK, kindle version.

Fathers Day late? Hey, it happens to the best of us. I know I missed a it a few times when my father was still alive. Fear not, good people, as thanks to the digital age, it’s possible to still get your father a worthy gift. Even better is the fact that he doesn’t have to know how little you may have spent since it looks more pricey than it is is, thanks to Amazon’s discount. Of course, I’m talking about the kindle version of Lee Marvin Point Blank. After all, any true dad worthy of the title is a fan of such classics as The Dirty Dozen, Point Blank, The Professionals, Emperor of the North and many more Lee Marvin classics! All of them and more are detailed in the book that dad would surely love to read about. Besides, the $9.99 price tag is cheaper than a bottle of a scotch, a designer tie, or even some pricey cologne than you may have thought of giving him. It’s even cheaper than taking him out to eat…hard to do anyway during the pandemic.
Any of those other gift ideas won’t last as long as a good book and the best part is, if you order it now, he gets it right away! Of course, it’s not that recent a title, having come out in 2013, but it doesn’t have to be topical to be of interest. As my publisher Tim Schaffner said of it, Lee Marvin Point Blank is an evergreen title.

So, what are you waiting for? Fathers Day late is still better than no Fathers Day at all! 

Amazon’s Kindle of LEE MARVIN POINT BLANK.

– Dwayne Epstein 

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Social distancing is a phrase not heard of much until recently, and now it seems to be a phrase heard daily. Combine that phrase with the likes of social isolation and self-quarantine, all caused by the dreaded Corona Virus pandemic, and you’ve got the makings of a pretty horrific existence no matter how you try to spin it. Not much we can do it about it, really, other than wait it out for the next several months.
Here’s a wacky thought. If you’re get pretty frustrated over the choice of original streaming content (if you even have streaming content), try a book! That’s right, the ancient practice of cracking open a tome and discovering its contents may seem obvious but if you haven’t thought of it yourself in the midst of this pandemic, allow me to suggest a possibility…..

Paperback cover to the award-winning, NY Times bestseller, LEE MARVIN POINT BLANK.

Even though Lee Marvin Point Blank came out way back in 2013 and sold very well at the time, it’s still very much available in all 3 formats on Amazon for reduced prices: hardcover, e-book and paperback. Besides, all the tired, old cliches about reading our teachers told us when we first started reading are all still true, maybe now more than ever: It’ll take you out of life and into another realm, it fires your imagination, and the sense of accomplishment after reading a book is second to none!
By the way, speaking of the paperback, I’d like to think my publisher, Tim Schaffner of Schaffner Press, had the forethought to add a relevant aspect just for these crazy days but the truth is the added attraction was based on a growing publishing trend. He had seen how other paperback bestsellers included extra material not in the hardcover and asked me to add a reader’s guide (among other things) based on the subject and themes within the book…..

A small sample of the topics of discussion added to the paperback of LEE MARVIN POINT BLANK.

I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure this section was also added to the e-book, as well. So, if you haven’t done so yet, feel free to read the book (natch!), or reread it, then broach these and other subjects via social media platforms and see what develops from there. I’d be interested to find that out myself. It’s a good way to practice social distancing while interacting at the same time.
Until then, stay safe, stay home, and we’ll all get through this together….and other cliches’ like that there. All good thoughts,
– Dwayne Epstein

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