And now, a holiday message from Schaffner Press‘s man-in-charge, Tim Schaffner, a man I affectionately refer to as ‘Bwanah’:
“Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes from Schaffner Press!
As I move into my 15th year of independent publishing, I wanted to say thanks to all of our authors, past, present, and future, who have made this press what it is today and will continue to be for many years to come!
And thanks for all the support from agents, IPG, designers, publicists, review editors, and the publishing community in these years of growth!
Happy Holidays and Happy 2015!
Tim Schaffner”
For myself, I’d like to add that it has been a most extraordinary year! Like all writers, I dreamed of making the NY Times Bestseller List but never imagined it would come true! Deep gratitude to my agent Mike Hamilburg, designer Jake Kiehle, IPG’s Lauren Klouda (yes, as far as I’m concerned, she was indeed born in a manger!), tech whiz Mike Phillips, publicist Tyson Cornell, and most of all, Tim Schaffner. More than the indie who said ‘yes,’ he constantly proves himself to be the only publisher in America with any vision.

And to one and all, HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS!



WINNERS OF 2013 INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER AWARDippy_bronzemedal_LRLee Marvin Point Blank won the Bronze in this year’s Independent Publisher Awards competition (“IPPY”). The presentation will be accepted by publisher Tim Schaffner during a ceremony in New York City. Click the link above for the whole story.

Addenda: Below is Schaffner Press publisher Tim Schaffner accepting the award on behalf of yours truly, Lee Marvin Point Blank author, Dwayne Epstein. Don’t worry, folks. I couldn’t make it to the awards in New York but he did indeed send it to me a week or two later. I doubt Mr. Knopf would have done that! Mr. Schaffner is a good Joe.

He also told me that after leaving the award presentation he spotted Robert Osborne walking down the street. I asked him if he thanked Osborne for mentioning our book on the air via Osborne’s hosting duties on TCM (see the photo and quote at the bottom of the ‘Reviews‘ page of this website). Tim told me he didn’t think it appropriate to do so. I told him he could have done it without wearing the medal. Ahh, well…..

Publisher Tim Schaffner accepting MY BRONZE MEDAL in NY's Independent Publisher's Award Ceremony last week for Lee Marvin: Point Blank. 6/5/13

Publisher Tim Schaffner accepting MY BRONZE MEDAL in NY’s Independent Publisher’s Award Ceremony last week for Lee Marvin: Point Blank. 6/5/13