So, Barbara and I are on our way to lunch when we see the UPS truck pulling up in front of our apartment. We walk back, just in case, and I ask the driver, “Is that for us?” When he says yes, Barbara responds, “Hmm, that’s funny as I wasn’t expecting anything. I wonder if…” The driver points to me and says, “It’s for him.” I smile like a butcher’s dog as he hands me a case of paperback books entitled LEE MARVIN: POINT BLANK. Lunch was sligthly delayed.


Lee Marvin: Point Blank, paperback cover

That’s right, the paperback arrived from the printer, today. Amazon listed the release date as July 1st od this year, but it looks like it will be available much sooner. What’s different from the harcover? The first four pages are ten cherry-picked reviews, followed by the Copyright and revised Dedication. Then the Table of Contents shows the new content. By the way, the text (and the index) has been revised as well…..


Lee Marvin: Point Blank, paperback Table of Contents



Lee Marvin: Point Blank, paperback back cover


I really like what graphic artist Jake Kiehle did with the back cover as shonw above!



Paperback Tie-ins
Ahh, Hollywood. If it’s ever possible to make a few extra sheckels via promotional ideas connected to a project, rest assured the studios will do it. A good example is the now quicky fading movie tie-in paperback, a former staple in bookstores, revolving drugstore book racks, bus stations, you name it!
Below are several examples of movie tie-in paperbacks to Lee Marvin projects even before he was a known entity.


Reissue covers of The Big Heat & Violent Saturday paperbacks.

Lee Marvin had important, scene-stealing roles in both The Big Heat (1953) and Violent Saturday (1955,) but you’d never know it from the pulp noir covers shown above.


Raintree County (1957) and the excellent Seven Men From Now (1956) also featured excellent Marvin performances but since he was yet to be established, his name are image is nowhere to be found. Author Burt Kennedy, by the way, wrote the screenplay for Seven Men From Now and would go on to become a noted western film director.


Movie Tie-in Paperback covers of Raintree County & Seven Men From Now



Paperback covers for M Squad & Hollywood Confidential, featuring profile of Lee Marvin


When film success proved elusive, Marvin went to television and starred and co-produced the successful crime drama, M Squad. (1957-1960). The recognition resulted in such media attention as the tabloid collection shown above in which Marvin gave one of his most revealing interviews.



Movie tie-in paperback covers for The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance & The Comancheros

By the early 1960s, film stardom was still out of his grasp but he did make impressive appearances in the John Wayne films The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) and The Comancheros (1961) as shown above. Even his name was mentioned on the covers! Liberty Valance was an original story by Dorothy M. Johnson (“A Man Called Horse”)  but the paperback was novelized by the film’s screenwriter and frequent John Ford cohort, James Warner Bellah. Go figure.