The new cover of Kino Lorber’s Blu-ray release of THE ICEMAN COMETH.

Full cover insert to Kino Lorber’s original DVD release of THE ICEMAN COMETH back in 2003.

Kino Lorber, the DVD releasing company, has chosen to release The Iceman Cometh on Blu-Ray as of late last month. The same company had released it on DVD back in 2003 but they must have figured the time was right to update it to the newer technology. As far as any extras go, the Blu-Ray version has the same goodies that the good folks at Kino Lorber had added to the 2003 version.
To put it another way, if you want to know some fascinating, never-befoe-published stories about the making of this criminally underrated classic, then don’t think you’ll find it on the Blu-ray. The best place to find such gold nuggets is between the pages of …that’s right, Lee Marvin Point Blank. What nuggets, you ask? Well, through due diligence (and timing), I was fortunate enough to get interviews with the likes of director John Frankenheimer, co-star Jeff Bridges, and several of the children of Robert Ryan. All of whom told me wonderful and unheard of tales concerning the making of the film.
What kind of stories? Well, you can find out who the other superstar actors who were offered the Lee Marvin role of Hickey that Frankenheimer hoped would say no. You can discover the valuable inside lesson Jeff Bridges learned fro Marvin that they DON’T teach in acting school. Then there’s the very strange and off-putting thing Marvin did the day he met film legend Fredric March, that is according to Cheyney Ryan, Robert Ryan’s son who was there to witness it.
Don’t take my word for it, of course. See the brilliance of Marvin’s performance and the rest of the cast on Kino Lorber’s recent Blu-Ray release and then, for the full story on The Iceman Cometh’s making, read Lee Marvin Point Blank. You won’t be disappointed.
– Dwayne Epstein

On the cover of the now defunct WORLD Magazine, Lee Marvin does his part to promote THE ICEMAN COMETH.

Hard-to-find four record set of the film’s soundtrack. Cool cover, huh?

2-Page spread in 1973’s edition of SCREEN WORLD.





Actor Jeff Bridges, best known as ‘The Dude’ in the 1998 film The Big Lebowski, worked with Lee Marvin early in his career, when they costarred in the American Film Theater’s 1973 production of Eugene O’Neill’s The Iceman Cometh. For a young actor still not sure of himself, working with the likes of Marvin, Fredric March, and Robert Ryan in a classic piece of American theatre, the concept is both understandably a blessing and a daunting gauntlet!
Bridges graciously granted me an interview for my book Lee Marvin: Point Blank. He could not have been more gracious (despite his VERY busy schedule) in taking the time to do a phone interview with yours truly from the backseat of his car going from the set to his hotel room that evening. Not included in the book is the following statement Bridges gave me that was his overall apprasial of Marvin’s work:


“I remember that TV show he did, M Squad and movies, like The Big Red One. That was a good one. I also liked Cat Ballou, Point Blank, Monte Walsh and of course, The Dirty Dozen. He could do those films like no one else, the whole military thing. There was no one like Lee Marvin. There are other actors who are just as fine but no one did what he did, especially the way he did it.”