Anti-Semitism is apparently on the rise, along with other nasty acts of hatred, but the existence is hardly new. I’ve experienced some very minor run-ins with it myself, but it’s nothing compared to what I witnessed firsthand while working at Long Beach’s Jewish Community Chronicle.
Long before the rise of mainstream media’s embrace of such things (a culturally shift that, according to the ADL, can be laid at the feet of the President-Elect), I got the exclusive story of one such ugly incident of extreme anti-semitism back in 1993.
Worked like this: Long before the publication of Lee Marvin Point Blank, My JCC boss, editor Harriette Ellis, received a call of such an event to our cramped little office and then asked me to go check it out. Usually, our paper is made up of mostly local events, marriages, bar mitzvahs, etc. The only real news came from the Jewish Telegraph Agency we subscribed to and picked articles from it to run as filler. This, however, was quite different.
I went to the site of the incident and spoke with the young janitor on duty. When he showed me what took place, I took pictures to go with the article and asked if there was anything else. He reached into his pocked and pulled out some scraps of paper left at the scene. When I saw them, I immediately asked if anyone else had seen them, like the police or other local news organizations. He said the L.A. Times, Orange County Register and the Long Beach Press-Telegram all made phone inquiries. I was the only one to physically come to the scene of the crime. There’s a journalism lesson there somewhere, folks. As for the police, he said they didn’t ask, so he didn’t show it to them. I thanked him, rushed back to the office, burst in, and actually said to Harriette (wait for it)…”Stop the presses, Chief! I gotta story that’ll set this whole town on fire!” She loved it!
By the way, I like to add the Harriette was, and remains one of the best editors I ever worked for. In fact, as a side note, she contacted her nephew, L.A. Weekly editor Harold Myerson, and asked him to put me in contact with a good agent. He gave me Mike Hamilburg’s phone number which resulted in Lee Marvin Point Blank FINALLY seeing the light of day!
At any rate, below is the article for the Chronicle detailing the exclusive coverage I got on the heinous act of anti-semitism. I would like to be able to say it’s all in the past but sadly, it’s all too new, all over again. Here’s hoping 2017 might reverse the trend, but it’s doubtful….

Page of 1 my 1993 JEWISH COMMUNITY CHRONICLE article on local anti-semitic vandalism in Long Beach.

Page 2 of the article.

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