A podcast is not something I was very familiar with until fairly recently. However, the growing popularity of them, has resulted in my both seeking them out as well as being sought out by various folks who run them and have infinitely greater technical skills than yours truly.

Paperback cover to the award-winning, NY Times bestseller, LEE MARVIN POINT BLANK.

A podcast entitled In A City Like Yours, put together and hosted by a gentleman named Michael Glenn Moore, is a recent example. I was contacted by another gentleman (via social media) named Steve Joiner about possibly being on the podcast and when he explained what it entailed, I gladly accepted. He gave me Moore’s contact info and I proceeded from there. What then transpired was a a flurry of e-mails back and forth in an effort to nail down an appropriate day and time Once that was finally worked out, Moore explained to me that I would simply be conversing on my subject of choice and if need be, he’d throw in an appropriate question or two to keep it going if necessary. Well, an hour later, we had enough to go on.

Cover image for the podcast, IN A CITY LIKE YOURS.

The actual phone call was completed months ago but Louisiana’s Michael Glenn Moore (who can be heard briefly in the podcast) had quite a full plate. Now, those months have passed and the podcast has been released. Naturally, the main topic of conversation is Lee Marvin Point Blank, how it came to be and the many exclusives I encountered. However, we also discussed other aspects of my writing, including a possible new subject just waiting for the right publisher and/or agent now that Mike Hamilburg is no longer with us. So without further ado, I give you In A City Like Yours, Enjoy….
_ Dwayne Epstein

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