Marvin, Rickles & Ali is not a law firm but the participants of a an early 1970s talk show. Insult comic extraordinaire Don Rickles was sitting in for Johnny Carson one night and was in top form as he skewered guest Lee Marvin, who got an assist from legendary boxing champ Muhammad Ali.  Marvin appeared to promote Prime Cut (1972) apparently on his way to Hawaii. He comes off rather laid back but still on his toes as he was an old hand at such doings. I always enjoy his talk show appearances and have blogged about them before, such as the Dick Cavett Show and Merv Griffin Show.  However, if you think Marvin talks about Prime Cut think again. He just apparently was not in the mood but you can read al about it in Lee Marvin Point Blank.

Screen grab of Marvin, Ali & Rickles.

  It should be said that Marvin did not always appear sober when interviewed but he seemed to be sober here. I also want to apologize in advance for the quality of the video as I had nothing to do with the transfer since it was uploaded to YouTube by someone else. Mavin shows up at around the 35 minute 8 seconds mark, having followed Ali and comedian Don Adams along with Carson stalwart Ed McMahon. Adams and McMahon, like Marvin, were also in the Marines.
Later on the same video is another clip of a show with Rickles and James Caan along with Karen Black which is pretty funny. Oh, and the clip before Marvin, Rickles & Ali is of Flip Wilson hosting Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows and poker great Amarillo Slim…..if you’re interested, if not, fast forward to Marvin, Rickles & Ali as they are all on their game and VERY funny, especially Ali!
Oh, and a special “thank you” to regular blog follower Shawn Marengo for bringing it to my attention.

– Dwayne Epstein

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4 thoughts on “MARVIN, RICKLES & ALI

  1. Hi Dwayne,
    When I first discovered the video on YouTube, I almost left a comment about the (erroneous?) appearance of the boom mic that follows Lee as he shakes hands with the other guests. What was mysterious was why the crew would think that the mic would pick up any conversation Lee might have, with the sound of the applause in the way. Or maybe I just don’t know anything about these things so I shut up, and blew the comment off. 🤷‍♂️

    • It’s a very common sight on TV, in those days. Heck, I’ve even seen the boom in a few films, too. In the case of Lee Marvin, it’s probably because he was so tall compared to Rickles and the rest so the sound man had to literally lower the boom.

  2. One more thing, Lee must have really liked that Hawaiian shirt he’s wearing on the show because it appears 2 years later in that 1974 issue of Saga that’s seen on your 7/10/14 post. 😛

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