Great Scott Podcast is the brain child of one Mike Scott. I became friends with Mike via social media — Facebook to be exact — way back in October of 2014. We’ve never met in-person, as is often the case with social media, but since making acquaintance we’ve had some very good conversations and transactions on a variety of subjects. One being the fact that since he was aware I had once aspired to a stand-up comedy career, he sought my advice on his own such aspirations.

On screen image from Mike Scott’s podcast with yours truly.

I mention all this simply to provide background for the following. Back in the summer of 2016, during one such conversation, he invited me to be a guest on his then fledgling podcast. Much of the promotion for Lee Marvin Point Blank was behind me by that time and figured a boost in p.r. would be just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, when Mike sent me the link to the interview we did, I was of course grateful for the chance to be part of his show but was undeniably disappointed in the outcome. There were some technical glitches in which we both spoke at the same time, making the result practically inaudible. I told him as much and he promised to fix it.

Mike Scott, genial creator & host of the Great Scott Podcast.

Well, much time had passed and I naturally forgot all about it. He recently contacted me and let me know that his Great Scott Podcast was up, running, and doing well. When I inquired about our interview, he sent me the link again and asked me to check it out. It was as he said, ‘fixed’ with only some minor editing still needed, which he indeed took care of immediately.
Okay, all that said and done, I give you the Great Scott Podcast, featuring yours truly, author Dwayne Epstein. Enjoy….

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