Charles Bronson & Lee Marvin.

Screen grab image from the 1981 interview with Charlie & Lee.

Charlie & Lee, as in Bronson & Marvin, worked together several times in their respective careers but I can’t recall ever seeing them interviewed together..that is until now. Apparently, a local news show out of Fort Worth, Texas on NBC 5 was lucky enough to capture them together back in 1981 as they promote Death Hunt. The interviewer was Bobbi Wygant and she did her homework enough to ask some fairly intelligent questions. Case in point, knowing that they both worked with such legends as Gary Cooper and Spencer Tracy early in their careers (Lee in Bad Day At Black Rock with Tracy and Charlie in Pat & Mike as well as The People Against O’Hara), she knowingly asked them to compare the two legends. 
  Marvin was an old pro at such things as he often promoted his latest endeavors on talk shows. Bronson, on the other hand, hated being interviewed and it shows in the way he constantly fiddles with his microphone cord. It’s a shame really as he comes off as intelligent and insightful in his comments. 
Interestingly, the comments they both make about the location shooting of Death Hunt is in direct conflict to what costar Angie Dickinson told me in Lee Marvin Point Blank. She had talked to Lee about the beautiful locale and his daily response to her is definitely worth reading about. 
One other thing worth noting. Watch the entire clip below as you see Wygant do something after the interview that is akin to what William Hurt did in the movie Broadcast News (1987) that Albert Brooks discovers and upsets Holly Hunter when she finds out. I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen the film but it’s certainly worth watching. Bronson and Marvin are still sitting there when Wygant does it which is quite bizarre. So watch below and enjoy!

– Dwayne Epstein

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  1. Hi Dwayne,

    I know this is minor compared to the documents you have posted, but I thought I’d try to share the description of a half-page form, after watching this interview mentioning Charlie and Lee’s first movie in “You’re In The Navy Now”. It’s a Lee tax document I have in my storage. In November 1950, after completing his wordless reaction shots for the exteriors in “… Navy Now” in Virginia, Lee was invited to Hollywood to deliver lines for interior scenes. He is required to fill out Form 591, a double-sided income tax form that excuses out-of-staters from paying California income tax if they earn less than $2,000 (amount for Lee, a single guy) within that tax year. Lee fills in the date “Nov 16, 1950”. This date being close to the end of the year, the office has run out of blank 1950 forms and have tossed Lee a 1949 leftover. Office personnel typed XXXX over 1949 and typed 1950, but only on one side of the form. Now let’s flip to the other side: right above Lee’s signature, he declares a personal exemption of $2,000 for calendar year 1949 (!). Lee hereby certifies that he resides at 159 E. 63rd St, NYC. Someone in the office didn’t trust Lee’s black ink fountain pen that stunted his written “5”, so they stretched the 5 using a pencil, and also stretched the “9”. The irony is that the office staff would diddle over a dumb pencil fix on a 5 and 9, but underneath ignore the 1949 that should have been X’d out and replaced with the relevant year of 1950. I don’t really blame Lee for this oversight. Maybe at that moment he was uncomfortable and felt like a stranger in a strange land 😦, filling out a strange form in unfamiliar surroundings. Also, the font size in that line containing 1949 is so tiny. I would think the office staff would know the routine of Form 591 and kindly correct the year on both sides if necessary, in order to prevent problems in the future. I assume the office staff are 20th Century Fox based on some misc. info typed elsewhere.


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